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Our mission

    • Preserve and disseminate the cultural and natural heritage associated with the Way of the Holy Grail in Europe.
    • To foster the sustainable development of local communities along the route.
    • To promote intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding among Europeans.
    • To boost cultural tourism and job creation in rural areas.

    What do we do?

      • Research and documentation: We collect and analyse information on the history, heritage and traditions of the Holy Grail Way.

      • Promotion and dissemination: We organise events, conferences, exhibitions and publications to make the Way of the Holy Grail known to an international public.

      • Cooperation: We collaborate with public and private institutions, cultural associations and other organisations to develop joint projects.

      • Awareness-raising: We raise awareness of the importance of preserving the cultural and natural heritage of the Holy Grail Way.

    Why join us?

      • Be part of a unique European project: The Way of the Holy Grail is a route with great potential for cultural and touristic development in Europe.

      • Contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage: Your support will help us to protect and conserve the historical and cultural sites associated with the Holy Grail Way.

      • Encourage intercultural dialogue: Participate in a project that promotes mutual understanding and respect between the different cultures of Europe.

      • Enjoy a unique experience: Walk the Way of the Holy Grail and discover the cultural and natural richness of Europe.

    How can you help?

      • Become a member: Your financial contribution will help us finance our activities.
      • Participate as a volunteer: Offer your time and skills to help us develop our projects.
      • Spread the word: Share information about the Way of the Holy Grail with your friends, family and acquaintances.

    Together, we can make the Way of the Holy Grail a great European Cultural Itinerary where all nations can contribute knowledge.

    Support us!

    As a legal entity: you can become a member

    As an individual: you can collaborate

    As a private company: you can sponsor cultural and sporting events.

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