An epic journey through the Crown of Aragon

Germán and David Mójica Vicente, two young people from Teruel, made the journey on foot from the port of Somport (altitude of 1,640 meters).

Two young people from Teruel carry out an audit of the walking route from the port of Somport to the Cathedral of Valencia.

The Association seeks to signpost the path, enable hostels and rest areas, and take advantage of European funds for its development.

The Way of the Holy Grail, Route of Knowledge, way of Peace, has great tourist, religious and environmental potential for the rural environment.

Francisco Miguel Gómez, a member of the Association, promotes the “virus of illusion, of the future and of life” around the road.

The Association has been working since 2002 to enhance the value of the inland territory of Aragon and Valencia.

The aim is to create a tourism narrative that focuses on knowledge, tolerance and understanding. At all times they carried the clay grail, a symbol of the way that the province of Teruel offers to all pilgrims.

The route is 519 km long and is accessible to all audiences.

Hikers highlight the beauty of the landscapes and the cultural richness of the path.

The Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail invites everyone to discover this route full of history, culture and spirituality.

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