The European consortium of the Way of the Holy Grail is born

Valencia, November 29, 2019 – The Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia yesterday hosted the presentation of the consortium that will promote the Way of the Holy Grail in Europe. The event was attended by authorities, cultural associations and experts in the field.

Institutional Declaration and Jubilee Year:

  • Mention was made of the Institutional Declaration of Les Corts Valencianes that recognizes the Way of the Holy Grail as “Route of Knowledge, Way of Peace”.
  • The importance of the Jubilee Year 2020 for Valencia and the need for the Way of the Holy Grail to be internationalized were highlighted.

Consortium and European funding:

  • The consortium formed by the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail, the Archbishopric of Valencia and the European Affairs Commission of EUMAH was presented.
  • The need to seek European funding for the development of the project was highlighted.

A path with multiple benefits:

  • The potential of the Way for the local and economic development of the Valencian Community and Aragon was highlighted.
  • The importance of signage, narration and accessibility of the Way was mentioned.
  • The recovery of the cultural, landscape and historical heritage of the route throughout its route was highlighted.

Recognition and closing of the event:

  • The insignia of the Association was imposed on the Territorial Director of the Government, Mr. Francisco Molina, the Rev. Mr. Jaime Sancho and Mr. Fernando Avilés Iriarte.
  • Attendees were presented with the book “Way of the Holy Grail. Cultural Tourism and Art History” by Dr. Ana Mafé.

The Way of the Holy Grail is shaping up to be a large-scale project with a positive impact on the Valencian Community and Europe.

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