The mystery of the Holy Grail and its Way

is revealed in Naples


History, myth and legend come together in a fascinating conference that highlights the value of the Way of the Holy Grail.

Naples, 22 June 2019  – Next Saturday, June 29, the Sala dei Baroni of the Maschio Angioino will become a stage of mystery and knowledge during the conference “The Grail between history, myth and psychology”. This event is part of the calendar of the exhibition “Holy Grail: History, Myth and Legend”, which offers the opportunity to admire a copy of the Holy Chalice, immerse yourself in its fascinating history and learn about the international route called the Way of the Holy Grail, Route of Knowledge, way of Peace.

Italian experts from various fields will come together to unravel the secrets of the Grail:

  • Clementina Gily, professor at the University of Naples Federico II Aesthetic philosophy (visual thought) Studies in idealist and Italian philosophy.
  • Vittorio Del Tufo, journalist, lives and works in Naples. Editor-in-chief of Il Mattino, he is the author of the weekly page L’Uovo di Virgilio.
  • Adolfo Ferraro, a psychiatrist, will explore the psychological meaning of the myth.
  • Salvatore Forte, an expert in symbology, Francesco Afro de Falco, director, and Annalisa Di Lorenzo, actress, from the IVI Interactive Video Routes Association, will present the phenomenon of the “Book of Light” discovered in the Sala dei Baroni.

The conference will culminate with the interpretation of poetic pieces from the Aragonese tradition by Annalisa Di Lorenzo.

The exhibition “Holy Grail: History, Myth and Legend” invites you on a journey through time, from the copy of the Holy Chalice in the Cathedral of Valencia to the time of Alfonso I of Aragon. 

On Sunday, June 30, the exhibition will close with the “Aragonese historical recreations”, by the associations “Compagnia d’arme La Rosa y La Spada” and “Rievocatori d’antica”. A unique show that will bring medieval times to life.

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the mystery of the Grail and discover the many facets of its international way.

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